Who We Are? & What We Do ?

Magnum Extrusion is a pioneer and leader in the manufacture of Aluminium Collapsible Tubes. A totally self-sufficient Group of People in the manufacture of aluminium collapsible tubes, undertaking all processes and activities starting from Product Development Assistance, Art Work Designing, to delivering of the customized product.

We are one of the few in this part of the world in this industry, with all the manufacturing and service capabilities under one roof.

Quality Policy

  • To Focus

    On Customer Satisfaction by Providing products & Services Meeting / exceeding their expectation based on agreed specifications.

  • To Sustain

    Leadership in Manufacturing of Quality Aluminium Collapsible Tubes

  • To Strive

    For Continual improvement in our established quality management system, products & Services

Industries We Serve

Head Office in Por(Vadodara), the Company operates nationally to meet the packaging needs of several important industries such as pharmaceuticals, food products, inks & paints, agrochemicals, cosmetics (including hair color products) toothpaste, adhesives and rubber solutions.

Why us?

We believe that your packaging should be as impressive as your product. Magnum Extrusion a pioneers in the field ready to venture in new developments

  • Guarantee of complete satisfaction
  • Guidance on quality control
  • Artwork at no origination cost
  • Most competitive prices

Manufacturing Process

Aluminum Collapsible Tube is the main product of Magnum Extrusion. Aluminum slugs with the basic ingredients imported from companies in Germany. Slugs grades 99.7% pure aluminum and 0.3% the rest is a mixture of other chemicals. The aluminum tubes are produced by Magnum Extrusion divided into two types of forms, ie forms of collapsible tubes and rigid tubes. But that will be explained later. Here at Magnum is limited only to the process of making collapsible tubes only.

Collapsible tube is a thin aluminum tube type, soft and elastic that is easy to change shape when pressed. The contents of this tub must be a substance which has a viscosity. Normally this tube has a cap (a threaded cap) as a place to come out of existing substances in the tube when the tube body is pressed, the tube is very strong and not easily torn.

Production Unit